Currently, I work on corruption and bureaucratic politics, with a focus on formal modeling and comparative analysis of advanced and developing bureaucracies. My other major interest is in gender and politics, specifically gender quotas and their impact on marginalized groups.

My research focuses on the political economy of state capacity, administrative corruption and bureaucracy in mature and emerging economies, and gender representation in advanced democracies. I am working on a formal model of bureaucratic capacity development and the relationship between corruption and state capacity, as well as a formal theory of the adoption and implementation of gender quotas. Prior to graduate school, I studied economics and international relations at Colgate University, New York. My past work has explored the impact of land reforms on agricultural modernization in India, the political economy of state repression in the Indian Maoist insurgency, and technology transfers in South Asian textile firms.
Before Yale, I worked as a management consultant in the Strategy and Operations division at Deloitte in New York.

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